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Are you looking for ways to make your small business more sustainable? Not only will this help the planet but it will also improve your brands image, as customers look for ways to shop more eco friendly. In fact many consumers will now seek out alternative businesses that are more sustainable, so it’s really important!

In this article we will discuss seven things you can do to be more sustainable as a business…

1. Look at your materials

Start by taking a look at the materials you are using in your products. Maybe you are using a lot of plastic? Is this something that could be swapped for a more sustainable alternative? Consider recyclable, biodegradable and fairtrade materials instead.

2. Change your packaging

After you’ve looked at your actual product, start to think about what packaging you are using. Can any plastic be replaced with something more sustainable? Bespoke packaging is much more eco friendly, with zero plastic and will ensure that your product will still reach it’s destination safely.

3. Shipping and delivery

It’s time to go green with your shipping methods to reduce your carbon footprint further. Some couriers are now making deliveries with electric vehicles, so this could be something to look into. Also make sure that you are offering customer returns in a sustainable way.

4. Consider your employees

Your employees have a huge role to play in your bid to become a more eco friendly business. Why not encourage car pooling among staff? Or offer incentives for them to cycle to work. You could also look at home working, which will of course completely remove the daily commute and the impact that has on our planet. If this isn’t a possibility all of the time, even just asking employees to work from home once or twice each week can make a huge difference.

5. Reduce waste

Look at how much waste your business is creating, are there ways that this can this be reduced? This could be within your work space, are you and your employees recycling correctly? Make sure that any promotional materials are made from sustainable materials and also send emails to your customers rather than posting out leaflets.

6. Energy efficiency

Being energy efficient could be as simple as turning lights, computers and any other equipment off when it’s not in use. This is especially important overnight, as leaving a computer on standby overnight will use a lot of electricity over time.

Remember all of the energy saving tips you use in your home can also be used in your workplace. Are you using energy efficient light bulbs? Motion sensitive lighting? There are endless ways to reduce your energy use as a business.

Why not consider using AI within your business? The use of such technology can help to cut your energy consumption by almost half, which is a huge help to any business give the current cost of living crisis. Industrial Vision Systems supply quality control machine vision inspection systems and machines. Investing in technology like this can help protect your brand, increase quality and lower your costs.

7. Work digitally

Hopefully this is something you are already doing but if not, do as much as you can digitally. Reduce the amount of paper you are using – do you really need to print that document? Small changes can make a big impact.

Do you own a small business? Do you have any tips to add here?

Thank you for reading.


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