The Top Family Cycling Trips in the UK

Finding the greatest family-friendly bike routes is simple; they are all over the UK. Our list of family-friendly bicycle excursions has been whittled down to the easiest and most convenient rides.

Why go for a family cycling trip?

Cycling has the advantage of being most pleasurable in milder climates. While summer riding adventures are excellent, getting on a bike in the fall or winter can be much more pleasant.

The best family cycling tour is one that is enjoyable for everyone and considers everyone’s skill levels. Would a simpler, flatter route be what you want, or are you more experienced and seeking a challenge?

City Trail: The Peterborough Route (Easy)

Peterborough is a well-liked family destination that is rich in history.

The Ferry Meadows Boat house Loop is a flat, easy bike path that is smooth for you from beginning to end. The beginning location of this journey is reachable by public transportation; it is a 6-minute bike ride from Peterborough train station.

Start at the Tower Bridge Corner and travel 13.9 miles in around 1 hour and 30 minutes, passing the Boat House and staying on the River Nene’s path. By the end, you can make plans to return to your starting location and board the train.

High Peak Trail: Tissington Trail, Derbyshire (Easy)

This trail crosses the southern peak district, this area was chosen as Britain’s first national park, and this much-loved location has celebrated its 70th birthday last year. The region’s rugged terrain and stunning valleys make it clear why. The 13-mile path is ideal for cycling and is also a wonderful spot to go for a stroll. The former railway line has rich history and beautiful surroundings.

You can rent bikes in Parsley Hay to make the journey even simpler, and you’ll arrive in Ashbourne at the end of the trail. On the route, there are locations where you may get coffee or ice cream. You could do this in Tissington while visiting the English tearooms and stately Tissington Hall.

Coastline Trail: The Scarborough to Whitby Trail (Hard)

This would be the ideal trail for the entire family if you wanted to extend your trip into a weekend. We advise using more experienced riders or older kids to conquer this trail. This 21.5-mile (one-way) trip can be accomplished in a single day, but you may want to spread it out over the weekend to allow for picnic breaks and an overnight stay in Whitby.

The easiest way to experience this ancient trail by bike is to pass through the smuggler’s village and then go on to the hobgoblins. The path begins on Falsgrave Road, behind the Sainsburys car park, roughly 8 minutes on foot or 2 minutes by bike from Scarborough Station.

The Green Trail: Dalby Forest (Easy & Hard options)

The 2.5-mile Ellerburn Family Circle Route is an easy trail with mixed terrain that would be an excellent choice if you have younger children if you prefer a little more foliage and forest to navigate.

If you want a little more of a challenge, the 8-mile Blue Trail offers longer, more difficult paths but also offers stunning views to make up for the difficulties.

For Children learning to cycle

We hope that this article has provided you with additional family cycling ideas to help you stay active throughout the chilly months. We recommend starting in nearby parks with smooth paved surfaces if your child is just learning to ride a bike because some of these locations may be a little challenging.

Throughout the UK, there are numerous pedal sessions that offer private circuits for your kids to learn on so they may begin their cycling experience safely.

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