Schlage’s Latest Smart Lock Puts the iPhone’s Most Neglected Feature to Good Use

Schlage Encode Plus smart lock being unlocked by an iPhone's Apple Wallet app.

When Apple first showed off the iOS 15 update in mid-2020, it spent a lot of time talking about Apple Home Key—a new tool that stores digital house keys in your Apple Wallet. It’s a fantastic low-power feature that works hours after your iPhone battery dies, but it’s only supported by a new smart lock called the Schlage Encode Plus.

Schlage took to CES 2022 to show off its Encode Plus Wi-Fi deadbolt, the first smart lock with Apple Home Key support. Once you register a Schlage key to Apple Wallet, you can tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on the Schlage Encode Plus to unlock or secure your home.

Of course, you can also control the Schlage Encode Plus remotely through Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Alexa, or the Schlage app. It supports keyless entry over Wi-Fi, and of course, it packs both a PIN pad and an old-fashioned keyhole.

And like other Schlage products, the Encode Plus can register up to 100 guests. It also supports temporary guests, shows real-time activity logs of everyone that comes and goes, and alerts you when the door’s ajar.

The Schlage Encode Plus goes on sale this spring for $300. That’s a lot of money, but technically speaking, its only $50 more than the original Schlage Encode (which is a fantastic smart lock).

Source: Schlage via XDA-Developers

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