My Favorite Amazon Buys of 2021

When it came to Amazon in 2021, I did my fair share of shopping.

As an ambassador for Amazon, it’s my job to buy, try and test all of the latest and greatest products from their website. My goal is to hunt through the hundreds of thousands of company’s and small businesses that distribute through Amazon and find the diamonds in the rough {and there were quite a few}.

But when it comes to my all time favorite and the true crème de la crème of Amazon, there were a few products that really stood out. Below I’m sharing my top buys from the year. These were products that I not only loved, but a lot of you guys did too!

(Feature image sweat pants are at the bottom of this post. My sweater is Sablyn and shoes are sold out Golden Goose)

Socks x 3

My obsession with socks really started with this trio set that I posted at the top of the year. They have sold out so much that they’re currently back ordered for several months. So, I ended up falling head over heels in love with these ankle Nike socks which I wear with my yoga pants and sneakers daily. And I also ordered this simple set of white Hanes socks. They’re all quite simple, but they’re all pieces that I wear each and every day.

New Favorite Sunnies

Every year it seems like I find one pair of sunglasses that are a huge hit not only for me, but for you guys too. This year it was all about these Le Specs sunglasses!

Cropped Cardigan

For me, this year was all about the cropped cardigan. My obsession started when I purchased a pricey one by Brochu Walker that ended up selling out quickly. Then I found on by Sablyn that was quite costly. But finally, to my ultimate surprise, I found this one by The Drop that ended up being such a big home run that I was upset I wasted $ on the earlier versions. The quality of this cropped cardigan is excellent and it really is just as amazing as the higher end designer versions. I cannot recommend it enough!

The Jacket

One of my most worn pieces that somehow hardly ever makes it to my social media account is this Columbia Jacket. I wear it almost every morning to my yoga class when it’s still a little chilly out in Los Angeles. It’s the perfect light-weight layer, offering coziness and pockets to keep your phone and keys and such. I am obsessed with it.

Drool Worthy Dress

The must have dress of the year was definitely this flirty little affordable number. You guys went nuts for this just as much as I did. It’s the perfect “throw on and go” dress for days your running errands and can be worn with sandals, over-the-knee boots or even house slippers at home. Easy peasy!

Puffy Coat Look for Less

I had invested in a pricey Michael Kors puffy coat and when one of my readers reached out asking for a look for less, I immediately ordered this one off Amazon. To my surprise, I ended up loving it more than my original, more expensive version (argh!). It is absolute perfection. It’s light, yet warm, and doesn’t have a lot of fuss when it comes to the zippers and such.

The Robe I Live In

You guys have seen me wearing this cozy robe non-stop over the holidays. It was a forth quarter purchase in the year that I honestly don’t know how I lived without for so long!

My Yoga Leggings

When it comes to my yoga attire, I don’t mess around. Hands down my favorite leggings to sweat in are by Alo and I always order more from Amazon because it’s quick and easy.

Little Girls Rain Jacket

There were so many options in the rain jacket department to purchase for June this year. I honestly bought this one in a panic during the rainy season of LA but she ended up being so obsessed with it. I received so many messages after posting her in the rain one day and I just had to include it on this round up because it’s one of her most worn pieces from Amazon.

(June’s rainboots are Hunter and there’s a similar pair here. Her Peppa umbrella is here)

Staple Sweatpants

It wouldn’t be a 2021 round-up without loungewear. My absolute favorite sweatpants from Amazon are this pair that I literally cannot take off. I own about 4 different colors {my favorite are white}. They’re super duper soft and flattering!

Did you have any amazing scores from Amazon this year? Leave a comment below to share!

xoxo jacey

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