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Mark Gilvey is a commercial photographer and graphic designer from Northern Virginia outside Washington, DC. In his free time he prefers street photography because he says it is “the most pure of all genres.”

Although many street photographers do very little post-processing, Mark uses his raw captures as a starting point.

For Mark the actual art of photography only begins with the shutter click. From there he takes the image through to completion. His choices about what to make prominent in an image happen while reviewing it after the moment of capture. He feels an image is not complete without a well thought-out post production process.

Although Mark feels this way, in October Mark came in first place in the first annual Fredricksburg shoot out where contestants had three hours to shoot on the street and submit images straight from the camera (meaning no post processing). And he won the competition using an aging 6-year old Sony point and shoot camera against competitors with expensive DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Thus proving that it is truly not about the gear.

A Selection of Mark’s Images

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