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No, it’s not completely coincidental that this blog post comes about a week before Valentine’s Day. Personally, I find Valentine’s Day to be super corny…same with New Year’s resolutions. But we can’t deny that the start of the New Year sparks SOMETHING! We are inspired to begin again, unlock new discoveries, reignite our goals, etc. So, in that same vein, if January is your spark to start anew, February is your call-to-action to think about your Love List — The things you reach for to love yourself, give love to others, receive love from others, and just be a beacon of light and love to this crazy, tired ass world in which we exist!

Having said that, here is my 2020 Love List…a handful of treasures to spark love this February and beyond!


Patty Lou A LOVE THANG Gift Set

Whether we realize it or not — we’re always manifesting. Manifesting is basically the act of thinking about something so much that you begin to (consciously or unconsciously) take steps to make those things happen. Have you ever tried to manifest more love in your life? And this doesn’t have to revolve around romantic love — it can be more love for self or more love to the world (because – what the world needs now, is love sweet love). The Patty Lou A Love Thang Gift Set includes everything you need to welcome love into your life: LOVE VIBE  Crystal Manifestation Candle contains crystal infused with Reiki energy and a love affirmation under the lid to help you attract the love of friends, the love of family, romantic love and self-love. The kit also contains a PALO SANTO  Smudge Stick, and a  ROSE QUARTZ  Crystal to help  dissolve emotional wounds, release fears and welcome a divine energy of love. Sounds hokey? Aye, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Oscar De La Renta Bella Essence

Sweet and floral, Bella Essence is the ‘timeless story of a woman falling in love’. My nose tends to lean toward richer notes…thankfully the dry down on Bella Essence offers a nice a blanketing of musk. I’m not usually a super feminine fragrance kind of girl, but I’m a sucker for a good love story. So, this year I’m opening myself up to the possibility of scents outside of my usual comfort zone of earthy tendencies.

Danessa Myricks Beauty Valentine Kit

Do you prefer Pink or Red for Valentine’s Day? Why not do a little bit of both, by creating a smoldering pink eye and cheek combo using Danessa Myricks Colorfix in “Valentine” & “Plum Wine”. This   limited edition collection is perfect for your Love List and beyond. The entire kit (offered at a $30 savings) works for eyes, lips and cheeks, so you’ll get lots of use well past Valentine’s Day.



BAWDY Butt Sheet Masks

Backside beauty is a thing, and I’m here for it. Listen, your backside needs love too. So, when BAWDY Butt Sheet Masks came across my desk, I was immediately game! Formulated to firm, tone, detoxify and rejuvenate the booty,  each mask comes with two butt sheets, one for each cheek—duh! Turn your nose up at this one if you want, but I’m sort of feeling like I’ll take whatever special targeted treatment I can afford. The intro  GALAXY KIT Butt Sheet Mask Kit ($34) includes  BITE IT  hydrating  + toning,  SHAKE IT  firming  + illuminating,  SLAP IT  retexturing  + detoxifying,  SQUEEZE IT    brightening + rejuvenating. If I were you, I’d give these a try NOW. Don’t let summer roll around and say I didn’t tell you!

 Ice Cream Ultimate Galentine’s Day Party Pack

And sometimes you just need to grant yourself a little sweet treat! The  Magnum  Ice Cream Ultimate Galentine’s Day Party Pack is actually pretty darn epic. If all things pink and instagrammable make you happy — you might want to get into this: Magnum wants to create the perfect night for you and your BFFs with pink wine with tumblers, K beauty face masks, a cozy blanket and a Magnum  ice cream chocolate flight including  Magnum  Ruby Minis and  Magnum  bars in white, milk, and dark chocolate varieties. If you’re in  NYC, LA and Chicago, starting 2/13, enter to win a luxe Galentine’s Day kit. Keep an eye on @MagnumIceCream for a tweet with the secret hashtags, initiating the giveaway (pssst: the secret hashtags are #MagnumRubyMinis and #giveaway). Reply to the Tweet using #MagnumRubyMinis and #giveaway. This contest isn’t sponsored by ThisThatBeauty, but I came across it and thought it would be fun to help spread the word!

Big love to you all!


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