Jordan Peterson: Hoisted on the petard of our own foolishness

Jordan Peterson once more opens his pie hole on SkyNews and he’s exactly correct. A small taste of what he said:

When Putin went into Ukraine I thought…..okay, what’s happening here. His (Putin) end game for failure is leaving Ukraine in smoking ruins (with battlefield nukes). Oh, that’s a victory!

So, then he can lose with impunity. So how can we win? We cannot win against Vladimir Putin because you cannot win against someone you can’t say no to. Period.

And we can’t say no to Putin because we sold our soul for his oil and gas. And we did that to elevate our moral stature in relationship to “saving the planet.”

And so, here we are facing a very dire winter, hoisted on the petard of our own foolishness. And moral presumption. We’re saving the planet. We’ll see. I don’t think so.

h/t Billxam, MAGA+, ABATE, AWHA

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