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Increasing Awareness of Internet Crimes Against Our Children

Through Internet Crime Fighters Org [ICFO] Niche Marketing

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ICFO Founder Niche Marketing

My name is Dr. Don Yates, Sr Ph.D.

1981-2004 Retired Chairman, CEO, President, Broker of a multi-state offline Data Services, Real Estate and International Financial Banker/Brokerage

Online since 2004 investigating and reporting Internet Crimes

  • FREE public service, out of pocket [Nearly $100,000], and nearly 100,000 reader members since 2004
  • Author, The Internet Users Handbook 2009-13.
  • Founder of The Internet Crime Fighters Org [ICFO] 2013
  • ICFO is a news media aggregator, and consolidated all previously related; groups, forums, articles, blogs. and research
  • Those that know me understand the reason for my concern for Children, and
  • Why we sponsor ICFO Fund Raising – War on Crimes Against Our Children [Video]


Why Niche Marketing

  • In the early 2000s, with the rise of social media, internet crime content was in high demand, broadly liked, shared, and engaging. We enjoyed five digits Alexia Rankings, Advertiser interest, and website value 
  • As the Internet grew with the new browsers, websites, and content valuers, content such as Child Sexual Abuse was deemed inappropriate and unsafe for public viewing.
  • As a result, our content was not reaching the very readers that needed to learn and understand the signs and risks of their children being online
  • ICFO turned to social media marketing and niches marketing.
  • Niche content is used as an overlay to internet crimes to help spread the word and increase awareness; however
  • Nowadays, such content, including Alerts, Warnings, and Beware, is seldom shared, engaged, liked, or even read, all of which impact our ranking and advertiser interest.
  • Readers and viewers turn a blind eye even in the news as we continue to see an increase in dating scams, ransomware, self-harm and suicides, and horrendous crimes such as child abuse, child sexual abuse, and trafficking.
  • Important Alerts such as the Russian Blue Whale Suicide Game aimed at children were not shared and easily blocked by various Browsers and Social Media sites such as Facebook
  • We were and continue to fail to get our reader engagement, likes, shares, and comments

Especially shocking

2019 New York Times A Crisis Arises Due to an Increase of Child Sexual Abuse Images and Videos, and

What Went Wrong?

To Re-energise Our Efforts To Increase Awareness of such Despicable Crimes

  • ICFO started the ‘ICFO War on Crimes Against Our Children’ A War That We Are Losing
  • At one time, ICFO managed nearly 80 Niche Blogs were posting Niche content layered
  • on an Internet Crimes Base
  • However, once again, we noted a lack of reader Interest, likes, shares, and comments
  • Follow this with Hackings, Corrupted Data Files, and Unfounded Copyright claim which shut down all of ICFO and Facebook, and Browser Blocks due to the nature of Crimes Against Children,
  • and now the COVID Pandemic which, has helped dropped our Internet access too many times.
  • All of which has helped contribute to personal financial hardship

Time to re-think why we bother

  • It is frustrating and depressing when so little return is realized on our time and investment
  • And when times are bad, its time to reevaluate our spending patterns
  • Especially when Killer Alerts regarding the Blue Whale Children’s Suicide Game are not shared.
  • We thank those that have shared, especial my wife, Fatima Wahab Yates
  • She has been a partner and supporter since 2004 and shares our frustration

ICFO Niche News Membership Plans

ICFO has scaled down from nearly 80 niche blogs of varying popularity to the following FREE, Premium, and Super Subscription Niches.  

FREE Subscription Niches

These continue to serve our commitment to Cyber Security, Cyber Crime, Children, and Family

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Dr. Don’s ICFOF Niche CyberSecurity, Crime News

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Premium Subscription Niches

  • Feature the Latest and Best of the Web Content for the given Niche
  • Also will Include selected Latest Original News and Media Content not posted elsewhere
  • Masters Level Niche Content, but Suitable for Beginners [newbies] to Seasoned Professionals
  • Engaging with the latest news, how-tos, and solutions
  • Loaded with Exclusive Monthly Bonuses

Subscription Based

    • It May be canceled anytime, with no refunds
    • USD $5.00 per month, or
    • 2 Months Free with an annual payment of $50

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Super Subscription Niches and Bundles

Are priced at $25.00 per month or

2 months Free with an annual payment of $250.00

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Special Requests

  • Comment below for ‘Special Request’; new WordPress sites and niches
  • Priced at Super Subscription prices noted above

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