ICFO Archive: OneCoin Ponzi Scheme 4 [Video]

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ICFO Archive of OneCoin Ponzi Scheme 4

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(Comments Tim Tayshun)

I have some easy YES/ NO questions for any Onecon Team Leaders. No need to explain them. A simple YES or NO will do. Or “pass.” Fair enough?
If answered honestly, or if investigated to find the answers, this will be very telling. Any takers?
Was Sebastien Greenwood partnered with Loopium, a ponzi scam also run by Jarl Moe and Kristian Helgesen (Jarl: wanted for fraud in the UK and Norway, Kristian: a convicted conman from Norway)?
Was Sebastian Greenwood also involved in Unaico and Sitetalk and are these well-known scams?
Was Nigel Allan the first President and co-founder of Onecoin (and is he an infamous con-man in the Ponzi sphere, most recently with Brilliant Carbon, selling fake carbon crs)?
Was (is) Ruja Ignatova on probation and investigation for fraud in Bulgaria for stealing $1MM euro and bankrupting IG Metal?
Were Ruja, Sebastien, Nigel Allan and John Ng (another known fraudster) all involved in the “BigCoin/ Prosper Club” MLM ponzi scam, which cost investors around $50MM?
Did Ruja state Onecoin was her first MLM?
Is the dashboard you use in your back office a product of BigCoin’s back office, called “CoolDAQs?”
Was Ruja the founder and CEO of CRIT (Crypto Real Investment Trust)? and did CRIT “manage the funding” of BigCoin/ Prosper Club?
Did a Onecoin Press Release recently claim that people were leaving bitcoin due to “the price plummeting” and due to its “recent rapid decline.” NOTE: Bitcoin is up nearly 30% since the day that came out.
Did Latvia declare OneCoin to be an illegal pyramid scheme and Ponzi?
Did Austria just issue a warning to its citizens that OneCoin was an illegal pyramid scheme?
Did the Norwegian DSA call OneCoin out for being an “ugly” pyramid scheme?
Did the Norwegian DSA go on to say that “OneCoin is marketed in Norway as an investment scheme? An “enormous” ROI of about 18,000% is cited in OneCoin promotional material, along with claims OneCoin can be used like a bank account that pays 13% interest.” NOTE: While claiming to be the new BitCoin, they instead concentrated on selling so-called “Tokens”… which multiply themselves with express speed when they frequently split, which means that the number of tokens doubles (company-wide) without a drop in value. This, the Norwegian DSA claim, is evidence of pyramid scheme fraud.” True or false?
Did The Swedish Gaming Board declare OneCoin to be “a chain letter game or similar”?
NOTE: You should be aware that under Swedish Law, chain letter is the same thing as an illegal pyramid scheme
Was Ruja Ignatova’s OneCoin Forbes cover a paid advertisement which they tried to pass off as real until they got caught in the lie?
Was Zooperium Consultancy Service a replacement for Loopium which was registered by Ruja Ignatova (27-Mar-2014), less than 2 weeks Prior to the liquidation of Loopium (08-Apr-2014)?
Was Ruja the legal and financial adviser for Loopium, taking care of all the legal framework such as finding havens like Gibraltar and Cyprus? And wasn’t Loopium another MLM Ponzi scam?
Would any reputable person of stature have colleagues and business partners that Ruja surrounds herself with?
Are 48 of 52 pages in both the January and February Financial IT magazine EXACTLY the same? Did Ruja simply pay to reprint January?
Is xcoinx an exchange? NOTE: Ruja says yes, Ken says no, Joby is quoted on his own blog as stating that it is owned and operated by Onecoin. (skip this one? too complicated?)
is xcoinx’ FAQ’s 100% plagiarized, verbatim, from BitStamp? And is the “exchange page” 90% plagiarized from CoinMarketCap?
Is S-Systems a legitimate “blockchain auditing company?
Does Onecoin own and operate them, similar to xcoinx?
Did Onecoin plagiarize (that means “steal”) a majority of the material for One Academy and the education packages?
I could go on, but this is a good start
OneCoin change banks amid German regulatory investigation http://behindmlm.com/companies/onecoin/onecoin-change-banks-amid-german-regulatory-investigation/
Also, this appears to contain some very interesting information. It is a High-Quality News Investigation into Onecon and is about a 17-minute feature (I believe in Portuguese?). It would be AMAZING to translate and subtitle this!  http://www.rsi.ch/play/tv/patti-chiari/video/investi-1-guadagni-50-di-emanuele-di-marco-e-remy-storni-patti-chiari-27-05-2016?id=7399583
Somebody please translate this video and repost asap…
We need to let people know about these con artists…
ONECOIN is having an event this Saturday 11th June at Wembley London…
Let’s stop these thieves stealing from honest people!!!!
RUJA in COINRUSH ONECOIN GLOBAL EVENT IN LONDON (June 11, 2016) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTqZCjUx1UI
OneCoin launch OneLife (pointless?), still no merchants http://behindmlm.com/companies/onecoin/onecoin-launch-onelife-pointless-still-no-merchants/
OneCoin acquires collapsed BNG International pyramid scheme  http://behindmlm.com/companies/onecoin/onecoin-acquires-collapsed-bng-international-pyramid-scheme/
SERIOUS QUESTION TO ANY ONECOINERS WHO HAVE NOT YET HEADED FOR THE HILLS: What are your thoughts as an investor that Ruja just made this “FINITE” Onecoin currency not FINITE any more?? Before CoinRush there was a maximum of 2.1 Billion coins cap. She ‘magically,’ in a centralized way (like the Federal Reserve) and without so much as a vote, just announced the addition of over 100 MM coins!!
In plain English, if I have a commodity that is having a tough time selling for $7.05 within a closed-loop market (let alone an actual open market: ie.,like coffee or bitcoin) and I turn 2.1 Billion units available into 120 BILLION units, what would your observation be in terms of “Supply vs. Demand” vs new and actual affected value?
How much impact do such variances have on “Price?” Certainly, there is an effect?
Onecoin’s “Exchange” (FAKE) “Xcoinx” has not reflected the appropriate 96.5% value reduction down to $0.12 per Onecoin, as it should. In fact, magically, the price has not changed at all. Is xcoinx in the Twilight Zone? Neither has the market price of bitcoin been updated in weeks now, as xcoinx reflects an OLD price of $582 while the price at this moment is actually over $728.00 and still climbing (at this very moment)! In fact, xcoinx.com reflects the price of Ethereum at $13.97 but in fact, the real price right now is $18.58. So, besides these coins having actual utility and usability, what is going on with this “exchange!?!” Doesn’t an “exchange” have a live market feed based on trades (obviously someone else’s and not their own. Lol)?
Seems that the reality of the market doesn’t fit the narrative Ruja is trying to spin for you, is what is REALLY going on.
And why is Ruja FREEZING the accounts of Team Leaders who are investing in other crypto’s and projects? Why is there ID’s getting locked up? (I’m happy to post proof here). WTF?
For REAL market price of all coins, including Onecoin (which is not listed, because not a single respected person in the entire cryptocurrency world acknowledges it, since it is a joke, it isn’t usable, and as I have already proven elsewhere that it does NOT presently even possess a blockchain, and is therefore not a real coin), go to  http://coinmarketcap.com/
The reason Onecoin is INVISIBLE at  http://coinmarketcap.com/ is because it is a vapor coin with a vapor blockchain, with vapor developers, and vapor technology. Oh, and did I mention it is run by criminals and is a PONZI SCAM? Yeah, That too.
Alas, EVEN IF IT WASN’T A USELESS AND FICTITIOUS VAPOR COIN, and assuming it was legit (which of course it isn’t), what Ruja announced at CoinRush, London this past weekend ABSOLUTELY DECIMATED ITS VALUE, either way.
Kool-Aid drinking Onecoin followers are far too financially and emotionally invested at this point, but can only argue away the mathematics and scientific principles of Supply, Demand, Scarcity and how these relate to Market Value, for so long, before they ARE FACED WITH THE INESCAPABLE REALITY: REDUCTION or INCREASE of a COMMODITY AFFECTS the VALUE OF THAT COMMODITY. PERIOD. NO ARGUMENT.
120 BILLION new coins and no price change? Just LOL! SMH!!!
Note: What this means is that coin production no longer brings just $10,152,000 a day of FAKE value into existence because “Ruja said so,” but now as of this new declaration at CoinRush, London, Onecoin will somehow be producing $580 million dollars in digital currency into existence each and every day, creating over a Billion Dollars in cryptocurrency every other day and $15 Billion a month (with small variation depending on block size, which up to now has been proven to be just smoke and mirrors). So, if adding a billion or even a hundred billion coins to the market has no affect, well, heck! Why not add 100 TRILLION or a GAZILLION!!!! Rather than “printing into existence” a billion dollars every 1 days, why not every two minutes!?!? Sounds legit!
And WHY did Ruja tell you you need 120 Billion?? Because there aren’t enough for Merchants!?!?! That’s funny, because coins are divisible to the 1/100MMth and bitcoin already has over 200,000 merchants and only 21,000,000 coins! Plus, Onecoin Top Leaders LIED to you about 50-150K Merchants “WAITING TO BE ONBOARDED at 30% mined (2 months ago)!?!” HOW do you need more coins when you don’t even have a single merchant!?!?! YOU NEED MERCHANTS NOT MORE COINS, YOU EMBECILES!!
Your coins are OVERINFLATED by who knows how much, ALREADY (since they can’t ever sell and time out week in and week out).
Your NEW CIRCULATION of 120 BIL just made them nearly WORTHLESS …..DROPPING $6.93 EACH TO JUST OVER $0.12.
Oh yeah, but while multiplying the cap by over FIFTY-SEVEN TIMES (!!!) the Grand Wizard is “DOUBLING” your coins. Thanks for nothing!
So, for easy math:
1.)Take your present number of coins
2.) multiply by 25 cents
3.) this is the TOTAL value of your Onecon
***or double your coins and multiply by $0.12 = SAME THING
Good luck with that! Thanks, Ruja “Crypto Queen” and “Bitcoin Killer!” – LMAO
The Steinkeller Brothers Achieve $1,8 Million Per Month With OneCoin https://www.businessforhome.org/2016/06/the-steinkeller-brothers-achieve-18-million-per-month-with-onecoin/
OneCoin seize Ponzi points from investors (again) http://behindmlm.com/companies/onecoin/onecoin-seize-ponzi-points-from-investors-again/
Lulu  Following on this.
The number by which circulation was increased is ONE HUNDRED BILLION (that’s 100 billion, NOT million)!!!!
@Dr. Brian Houston
Please let us know your thoughts on The Federal Reserve ….oppps …I mean Doctored ScRudja Ignatonto increasing coin circulation by 5,720% without so much as a vote from members.
How does that you’re into your “phases?” But more importantly, if you are indeed an actual Doctor (unlike ScRudja), than please be so kind as to share your market analysis of this absolute FLOOD of now worthless coins.
Are you sticking around? Or are you jumping ship? Any complaints??
Thank you in advance for your honesty.
OneCoin seize Ponzi points from investors (again) http://behindmlm.com/companies/onecoin/onecoin-seize-ponzi-points-from-investors-again/
OneCoin charging 7236 EUR for a 550 EUR tablet http://behindmlm.com/companies/onecoin/onecoin-charging-7236-eur-for-a-550-eur-tablet/
Pingback: Directory of MLM information. – botwatchblog
Thank you for your link and contribution regarding various MLM Scams
OneCoin acquires Bonofa pyramid scheme  http://behindmlm.com/companies/onecoin/onecoin-acquires-bonofa-pyramid-scheme/
Mastercard denounce OneCoin, US event in Chicago http://behindmlm.com/companies/onecoin/mastercard-denounce-onecoin-us-event-in-chicago/
OneCoin investors arrested in Bangladesh  http://behindmlm.com/companies/onecoin/onecoin-investors-arrested-in-bangladesh/
BitCoin killa
I know perfectly their plan and their marketing plan, it’s not a Ponzi. You are in a rage because OneCoin opens the cryptocurrency for banal people and not essentially geeks. OneCoin is killing Bitcoin because Bitcoin is so unstable and OneCoin got more members than Bitcoin so OneCoin’s got a great commercial potential for retailers. 1,5 million members for Bitcoin in 8 years and 2,3 million members for Onecoin in less than 2 years.
BitCoin is a pioneer, OneCoin is the confirmation.
@BitCoin Kills – I’m sorry for your disillusion, but bitcoin is a new and nascent technology with the strongest and most secure blockchain on earth, running on a decentralized network over 100x bigger than all Google data centers combined. Oh, and bitcoin has over 200,000 merchants, including multinational, billion-dollar corporations and two of the biggest charities on earth who accept it. All with 21 million max coins.
Onecoin (in it’s theory) is a centralized banking model with KYC (which means it is IMPOSSIBLE to “bank the unbanked”), who’s rules can change at any moment, who’s controllers can seize participants funds at any moment (and have), which is not and never will be traded on an open market or it will crash to zero, who can print any amount of money at any time they want -this devaluing the currency. And it had. Onecoin’s formerly ” fixed and finite” cap of 2.1 billion, which for the post 20 months Ruja and all team leaders promised was mathematically impossible to manipulate or change, just changed. The introduction of AN ADDITIONAL 117.9 BILLION coin cap just reduced the Onecoin price by 92-96.5%, as evidenced in the amount of Onecoin Ruja requires you to pay (1,160 OC) for a 550€ OneLie Tablet, which is an over-payment of more than 6,700€than the price lists on Onecoin’s fraud/ fake exchange, xcoinx.
So if Ruja herself believes that Onecoin is NOT worth 100/100ths of a Onecoin, but only 8/100ths (ie., “8%”), then how does she expect you to get her ONE MILLION merchants who DO believe Onecoin is worth 100/100ths (100%) of the invented price being purported?
Think about that one, son!
At present, there is no Onecoin blockchain in existence, and therefore by definition, Onecoin is not (yet, at least) a ” cryptocurrency.”
Based upon so many lies and do much deception about Forbes and Financial IT FAKE coverage, as well as numerous other documented games she has spun, I’m not holding my breath about any real blockchain being “switched on” (Lol) come October 1st.
But good luck scamming and getting your first Onecoin merchant. I’m sure when they search Onecoin online they will be excited to begin accepting vapor!
calls out retards   sorry kid, you might need to have your brain checked
Buyer Beware! The Definitive OneCoin Ponzi Exposé  https://news.bitcoin.com/beware-definitive-onecoin-ponzi/
Pingback: Buyer Beware! The Definitive OneCoin Ponzi Exposé
UnionPay accuse OneCoin of being “inconsistent with facts” http://behindmlm.com/companies/onecoin/unionpay-accuse-onecoin-of-being-inconsistent-with-facts/
Lolasays: The writer of this site is clueless..there is tons of information about the woman ceo..dr. ruja..a a brilliant and powerful woman.
Accepted; however, we have many writers, commentators and even governments all with differentiating opinions. Most experts that I am aware off write OneCoin off as Ponzi. I know of Powerful Women as fraudulent as a $3 US Bill. Thanks for stopping by
Ozsays: Onecoin scam moved to Sarcoin in PoolMiners incase you didn’t know. They are piling and recruiting members from Onecoin ponzi.
Thanks I haven’t been looking at PoolMiners and Sarcoin. Do you have a reference for your recruitment claim?
Danielsays: Ruja is brilliant indeed… she designed one of the most sophisticated Ponzi scams in history. She is also powerful with all the money she got from her scam.
Cor Hallsays: I agree, maybe the writer should have done a little research himself. In addition, maybe there is a reason for this smear campaign. Either they are bitcoin owners or this website gets paid every time someone clicks to open it. By the way, Bitcoin started the same way, peer to peer. SO I am confused. Accurate info would sure be nice.
Danielsays: I am not being paid anything, however I find sad people are promoting a Ponzi scheme such as OneCoin. By the way, Bitcoin and OneCoin have nothing in common. One is decentralized and open, while the other is centralized and secret.
Ozsays:You admitted she is a sophisticated crook. I’m not surprised of you are an alleged leader from Onecoin Ponzi Scam.
Paulsays:Hi David  Can you suggest a site where one can invest in with bitcoin where one can make continuos money? Which is of course legit. Please!
TimTayshunsays: Bitcoin itself is something one may invest in. ANY investment may turn out good or bad. If people had a crystal ball than they would all only make money.
Bitcoiners believe in the technology, long term. Bitcoin will experiencing it’s second “halving” in the next couple weeks. This increases the “scarcity” of bitcoin, and there is significant speculation that based on this that bitcoin demand will be greater than its availability. While I am not qualified to give investment advice, there is consensus that bitcoin has excellent potential to grow based in these and other technical factors which are being introduced into the protocol. You can TRADE at  http://www.coinmarketcap.com and other exchanges which are considered safe.Do you due diligence and look at the top ten coins or so, and what they are SOLVING in this space.
patricksays: This site raises curiosity, can you please do a review on ‘ https://thebillioncoin.com’ as some got hookup to it? gratitude.
TimTayshun says:
I looked at The “Billion Coin” yesterday for about 2 minutes, and let’s just say: No known developers. No known White Paper. No known “new technology.” It fits in nearly exactly with this whole slew of new crypto pump&dump or “vapor-ware” scams. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE (same goes for YoCoin, Pipcoin, Crypto888, etc., ad nauseum…
Jamie Redman Reports: The Definitive OneCoin Ponzi Exposé OneCoin: One of the Largest Digital Currency Scams Exposed By Tim Tayshun of ezCoinAccess  http://mlmhelpdesk.com/jamie-redman-reports-the-definitive-onecoin-ponzi-expose/
Listen to this Onecoin pumper and you decide whether he’s a scammer or is just to stupid to know that he is being scammed… One Coin – It’s a beautiful day in our neighborhood! https://soundcloud.com/bitcoinuncensored/one-coin-its-a-beautiful-day-in-our-neighborhood
OneCoin warning issued by Belgium’s FSMA regulator http://behindmlm.com/companies/onecoin/onecoin-warning-issued-by-belgiums-fsma-regulator/ 

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