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A lot of guys want to know how to keep a hot girlfriend happy. Why? Because for most guys, it’s sort of hard to get one.

Beautiful blonde girl in a field
Take her to a field. Girls love fields.

They think they want to be big players, and have a bunch of sexual conquests. But then they realize how much work and drama and rejection that entails. 

So when they land a hot girlfriend, one that’s not only beautiful but cool, they figure, “Okay, she’s the one for me,” and opt out of the game.

Being A Player Gets Old

A couple of years ago I was losing interest in dating a lot of women. One girl, a younger one in her twenties, wanted to be my girlfriend. I had no intention of committing more time to being with her.

When she became needy, I broke it off, and she lost her shit. She sent me a lot of video messages, of her crying, screaming, and being disappointed. Honestly, I hate letting people down, and I hate hurting women. 

But dating is messy. What starts out as a good match, can go south quickly once you get to know someone better. 

One of my recent clients said to me:

“Tony, I don’t really want to sleep with a lot of women. I just want a girlfriend.” 

“That’s totally fine.” I replied. “What will this girlfriend be like? Describe her.” 

He thought for a few seconds, then said, “I’m not sure. But she’s beautiful, smart, funny, outgoing…” 

“How many women have you been with?” I asked. 

“I’ve kissed a few girls.” He replied. 

“When you do manage to find this amazing girl, will you know how to keep her?” 

He admitted, he hadn’t thought about that. 

Here was a virgin, in the second half of his twenties, telling me he didn’t want to date a lot of women, but he wanted to find an amazing girlfriend that countless other men would also love to be with: a highly attractive, intelligent, amazing girlfriend. What we might call her, “The One.”

Have you ever wanted something, (like a hot girlfriend) but were unwilling to pay the price? 

Like a new Tesla, or a gaming rig? 

If you truly want something, like a hot girlfriend, you must pay the price. That includes romantic attention from amazing women. 

What’s life like for beautiful women? 

Pretty Asian woman
You want your girlfriend to look at you like this

Imagine being beautiful, young, and female. Ahh, feels nice doesn’t it? 

You go to the store to get low fat almond milk, and notice a guy staring at you from the gluten free bread section. You make eye contact (oops), and now here he is, talking to you. But he’s actually kind of funny, and confident. He asks for your number. You give him your Instagram instead. 

Later when you log on, you notice a message from him, and about a dozen other guy, “friends” you’ve met at parties, on trips, from work, school, and hashtags. Some of the men are older, and have pictures of themselves with nice cars. You can’t answer them all right now. 

You have limitless dating options. But you decide to give that guy from the grocery store a shot, because the idea of meeting a guy at the grocery store, sounds like a good story. 

By age twenty, a beautiful woman has more social, dating, and flirting experience than most men will have in their entire adult lives. 

That’s why dating many women, before finding your One, is important. 

What’s life like for an average guy, dating an attractive girl? 

Black woman kissing a black man
Totally average

Now imagine you’re you again. Plain old you. Just a guy who approached a girl at the grocery store. And for some miracle, she actually agreed to meet up. 

Your next several dates go well. She thinks you’re a funny guy, and you sleep together. After a few weeks of dating, she introduces you to her social circle. You bring out a few of your friends too, and they seem to hit it off. 

And everyone loves your new girlfriend. 

“How did you meet her?” They ask. 

“At the grocery store.” You tell them. 

She doesn’t know you had to practice for two years, talking to strangers, reading books, studying weird pickup videos on Youtube… just so you could finally muster the courage, just to say hi, and ask for her number. It felt like one the greatest achievements of your life. 

To her, you’re still just the funny guy from the grocery store. 

Welcome to having a hot girlfriend

Where every man you meet is secretly hoping you’ll mess up. Where your best friends add your girl on social media so they can send them messages and slap primate to her pics. Where if you go to a bar, when you’re in the bathroom, she’s being hit on the second you leave. 

And if you show a hint of neediness, doubt, jealousy, or insecurity…. you risk weakening the already shaky foundation of this new relationship. 

If you fail her tests, no love for you.

Now don’t screw it up! Good luck. 

How To Keep Your Hot Girlfriend

Young white couple holding hands in a park
Hot girlfriends love black socks

I’ve dated some really pretty girls. It’s not like they’re any different than regular girls… they’re just prettier. And that means their life is a bit different than common folk. 

How do you keep a happy, hot girlfriend? By being better than you are. 

Have what she wants

Everyone wants something, even if that’s only to feel safe, or happy. Especially your hot girlfriend.

Ask yourself this: what is it you want from your beautiful girlfriend? Is it sexual energy? The rush of looking into her mesmerizing eyes while she lustily gazes back into yours? Having someone to talk to who will understand your deepest desires, needs and passions? 

Most likely you want a hot girlfriend because their beauty and attention makes you feel good. It’s a big bonus that she’s into you, which makes you feel even better. 

But what makes her feel good? Why should she choose you, not to just sleep with, but to be with as a girlfriend? 

Is it money? 

Do you have wealth or an amazing career that pays you well? It’s true that money doesn’t matter if you’re just trying to get laid. But if you want to keep her around, it helps to have a lifestyle that money can afford. 

More money means more experiences are available to you. Want to go rent a speed boat for a couple hours? $150 an hour is no big deal. Want to take a short trip to the Play Del Carmen? no problem. It could be as small as going out for dinner with friends, or buying a new shirt. 

If you don’t have any money, it really limits the amount of fun you can have with your beautiful girlfriend. 

Good looks?  

strong asian man
He could have any woman he wants

You worked hard on your pearly white teeth and abs. She feels pride every time she introduces her hot boyfriend to her friends. 

Perhaps you’re really smart, and funny. 

She’s always blown away by your wit and intellectual depth. She knows if she spends more time with you, it will help her grow into a better person who is more capable of achieving her goals. 

Are you popular?

With status comes opportunity. She may find it exciting to meet your network, the people you know, the influencers, promoters, entrepreneurs, gurus, musicians, artists. 

Many men gain popularity by sharing their gifts, or giving people value. Your value could be your mad bass guitar skills, or your epic Tony Robbins style internet marketing seminars. 

That, or other beautiful women exist in your reality, and she needs to compete with them. For many women, a man in demand is very attractive. 

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Okay Tony, I want that Free Coaching call

Click this, email me, and I’ll hook you up with a free, live, one on one coaching session. I’ll help you teach yourself to win.

Safety is a girl’s best friend

Maybe you’re a very tall man, with large muscles. Or you’re just incredibly confident in your martial-arts abilities. When she’s with you, she feels completely safe. More safe than with any man before you. 

Safety also mean safe to be herself. She doesn’t have to adapt her personality to match your Madonna-Whore complex. She doesn’t need to watch who she smiles at, or what she does that may be interpreted as flirtatious, or slutty, and cause a fight. 

Are you fun? 

To keep a hot girlfriend, you should be more fun than her Spotify

Do you like to hang out with people? Do you enjoy random activities, like hiking, playing sports, going to concerts, events, lectures, dancing, or cooking random meals? Do you know how to make her smile? 

If you’re fun to be around, a beautiful woman will look past your bald head, skinny arms, and meagre savings account. If your hot girlfriend feels secure, she won’t care.

Don’t Worry

This is the problem with dating beautiful, intelligent women. You’re competing with the men who have these characteristics. 

But don’t give up. There’s a secret sauce called Self-Improvement. 

The great thing about self-improvement, is as long as you’re motivated and stick to the program, you only improve. All you have to do is try. 

  • You can’t grow five inches taller, but you can start a small business to make more money. 
  • Toss your video game system in the closet, and take up reading books for three hours a day. 
  • Go out and practice your social skills, by talking to strangers… especially attractive, confident people
  • Meditation and affirmations are very powerful tools for personal change
  • There are loads of courses online for learning new skills. Everything from stand up comedy, to Bitcoin, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Horse grooming. 

The more you learn, the more interesting a man you’ll become, and the easier it will be to manage a hot girlfriend.

With all of this self-development, comes depth of character, and confidence. This adds up to Charisma.

Ambition is Attractive

Who would you rather hang out with? A girl who’s hobby is sitting on her butt for six hours a day swiping on Instagram, or a girl who works hard maintain real life relationships? A girl that has ambitions, hobbies, and life goals? All that on top of being beautiful. 

When the next guy approaches her in the grocery store, the bar, at school, or work… what is it that will keep her with you? Think about that. 

We all want to date ourselves, in a way. 

Developing yourself as an attractive person is a life long process. Do it not just to get an amazing, hot girlfriend, but to give yourself the gift of personal growth. 

Love your own life first, and the rest will follow. 

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