History’s Most Expensive Turkey

This holiday season, give yourself a special gift: take a deep breath, relax, and laugh at yourself.

When I think of seeing the funny side of life, I think of Bill who wanted to cook his family the greatest Thanksgiving meal ever. Instead of a traditional dinner from the kitchen oven, he decided to cook the turkey on his new grill outside, a fancy built-in connected to the house’s gas line. He spent weeks planning the menu, and when the big day arrived, he executed it flawlessly. His turkey tasted even better than he hoped it would.

After Thanksgiving was over, the weeks went by. Christmas came and went. Then, one chilly Saturday morning, a landscaper who was finishing up some work around the house asked Bill what he’d been grilling the night before.

The question confused Bill. “Nothing,” he responded.

Now the landscaper was puzzled. He pointed to the grill and said, “You must have been cooking something. Your grill is hot.”

When Bill investigated, he discovered that he’d never turned off the grill after using it more than six weeks before. Bill now jokes that he cooked the most expensive Thanksgiving turkey in history … and that he was the biggest turkey of them all.

You probably face plenty of things every day that require a serious, businesslike approach. Whenever possible – especially during the holidays – give yourself a break … and laugh.

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