First customer Aston Martin DBX707 completed

With 707 PS available, Aston Martin proudly calls their DBX707 the most powerful luxury SUV on the market today, and the very first actual customer unit has just been completed on the assembly line in St Athans, Wales, for the occasion inspected by the Secretary of State for Wales, Simon Hart MP and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Wales, David Davies MP, this dark blue unit announced the start of a production that will see the impressive Aston Martin DBX707 being shipped to over 50 countries worldwide in the upcoming months.

The Aston Martin DBX707 is hand-built in Wales, a culmination of absolute luxury combined with staggering performance, dynamics, and classic Aston Martin styling, the 707 PS can propel this super SUV to a top speed of 193 mph, while reaching 60 mph from a standstill takes just 3.1 seconds, that’s supercar territory for sure, while this SUV can seat a multitude of passengers compared to aforementioned supercar models, the Aston Martin SBX707 is the ultimate SUV in this respect.

Aston Martin added over 100 skilled automotive technicians to their Welsh assembly plant, in fact, the new DBX model range is the first car to be built here in nearly five decades, Michael Straughan, Chief Operating Officer of Aston Martin Lagonda, stated: “Aston Martin is immensely proud to be manufacturing industry-leading products like DBX707 from a world-class facility in Wales, and we are delighted to see the very first model completed. As the first car delivered through the product development cycle under the leadership of Lawrence Stroll, Executive Chairman of Aston Martin Lagonda, DBX707 is a symbol of the new era for Aston Martin and the brand’s ability to combine ultra-luxury and high-performance. The initial reaction from customers and media has been tremendous, and as we ramp-up DBX707 production at St Athan, it is fantastic that we have also had the opportunity to grow our team and create more employment opportunities for people from the local community. Wales has a rich tradition of industrial and engineering excellence and we’re excited to be forging the future and to support that proud heritage”

The Secretary of State for Wales, Simon Hart, added: “It’s great to see the iconic Aston Martin brand roll off the production line in here in Wales, before being exported to countries around the world. The success of the DBX707 is testament to the highly skilled and hard-working team, and it’s fascinating to see how they work. “I want Wales to be a highly attractive location for cutting-edge automotive technologies and the UK Government will continue to work to secure and support the investment of companies, like Aston Martin, as they drive economic growth and create jobs.”

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