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…. &, not to brag, but it’s a whole ass vibe.

We’ve all got our “strain of choice”, and over at Fashionkush, we believe it’s about time we own it. The strain tee is literally the perfect oversized cozy long sleeve, and the pastel puff print strain descriptions are the *chef kiss* kinda detail that we love. You can either throw it on with sweats for a cozy/cool girl vibe at the beach or layer it under an oversized blazer with some rad boots for a street style chic look, just make sure to pair it with our signature logo hat to match (or mismatch- the color combo possibilities are just so fun!).

Check out the full drop here & peep the pieces below.

& P.S. up until Cyber Monday, all orders over $50 at Fashionkush will get a free lighter and sticker sheet with purchase 🙂



ˈin-di-kə | noun

indica is a classification of the marijuana plant that is known for it’s therapeutic effects. indica is the preferred strain for anxiety, pain, and sleep problems as it promotes relaxation. it is best suited for nighttime use.

popular indica strains: bubba kush, do-si-dos, xxx og, mk ultra

☁️ ☁️ ☁️

The Indica Long Sleeve | Baby Blue Logo Dad Hat


sə-ˈtē-və | noun

sativa is a subspecies of the cannabis plant that is widely known for it’s uplifting effects. sativa produces more of a cerebral or “mind high” & is loved by many for it’s energetic effects. it is best suited for daytime use. popular sativa strains: sour diesel, candyland, lemon cake, haze

☁️ ☁️ ☁️

The Sativa Long Sleeve | Light Yellow Logo Dad Hat


ˈhī-brəd | noun

a hybrid is a combination of two types of cannabis strains: sativa and indica. it is bred to inherit the ideal traits of each plant, creating a powerful, yet balanced, effect. hybrid’s are a versatile strain and is suitable for a variety of people.

popular hybrid strains: pink kush, cherry pie, gelato, holy grail

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The Hybrid Long Sleeve | Pink Logo Dad Hat

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