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The Cornwall area of the UK is stunning indeed, and has resplendent colors. But on the days I was there recently, it was generally shrouded in the legendary clouds time and history have associated with the British Isles.

My short time there shooting pictures provided me, in the post stages of things, a chance to brush up further on my Capture One skills, and see in monochrome.

I’m no authority on post-processing, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the learning curve and possibilities of Capture One. I’m able to push and pull color channels within the B&W realm, emphasizing and de-emphasizing certain tonal layers. I’m using the Magic Brush to adjust wide swaths of sky and sea. And of course using the straighten (or not) tool to adjust horizons.

It was so invigorating, being at sea, briefly, with the clouds and breezes. And the labor of fishing for a living. Tip of the hat to John Trewin, and his son, Jaimie. Knowledgeable, hard working, and obviously in love with sea, and the beautiful cliffs of Cornwall that plunge downwards to meet it. Many thanks to them for taking aboard a thorough landlubber.

This week, heading the opposite direction, and going into NYC for a Christmas Lights Workshop with Liza Politi and Ari Espay. This week looking for vibrance and color. And this week, big doings for Capture One, as they cite on their home page. Stay tuned.

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