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Photojournalist and commercial photographer Craig Litten has e had a camera in his hands since he was 15-years-old. From the beginning, his desire was to photograph people.

This led to a 20-year career as a photojournalist producing more than 10,000 published photos in print. Most recently he has been working as an advertising and lifestyle photographer for clients like Bose, Mizuno, Sun Bum & HBO.

In his free time Craig is an avid street photographer where he applies his skills creating personal projects.

Craig believes your strongest street photos are created when you shoot things that capture your attention instinctively, without thinking. His philosophy is “Don’t think…Shoot.”

In today’s program Craig explains his zen-like method of building muscle memory with your camera to training methods used by gunfighters the old west.

A selection of Craig’s street photos

Links from the show

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