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Cool Marketing Software Connection

Reviewer’s Criteria

  • Trustworthiness – Superior
  • Product Quality – Superior
  • Price Range- Free to Big Ticket Options
  • Promotional Materials – Superior
  • Website Looks – Superior
  • Affiliate/Member Support – Superior
  • Skill Level – Beginners to Seasoned Marketing Pro’s
Connecting You With Software to Help You Promote Your Business!

We are giving away $597. of pro marketing software for free!

  • This is fully functional pro software that you can use forever for free!
  • This is not limited a free trial type software.
  • This custom programmed innovative software should be
  • selling for hundreds of dollars but we decided to give it to you for free.

All we ask is that you share this incredible offer on your favorite social media.

  • See here to download $597 of pro marketing software for free now!
  • This offer will not stay up forever so come and get it while you can!

Put your wallet away. The software is 100% at no cost!

Click here to download 7 pro marketing/SEO software absolutely free!

  • This is the pro version of our free classified ad submission software.
  • It will submit unlimited ads to ANY category and to ANY city in
  • ANY country database on
  • Also submits much faster and you can include up to 7 pictures
  • and a YouTube video with your ads.
  • No proxies or captcha services needed!
  • No ghosting of ads since we own
  • By far the easiest and most hassle-free software we have created so far!
  • Learn more here.
  • Osclass Submitter submits your ads to 10
  • different high traffic classified ad sites at once.
  • Save unlimited ad campaigns.
  • Rotate all campaigns on all sites automatically.
  • Does not use captchas so posting is free once
  • the software is purchased. See here to learn more.


  • OmniReply will find ads on 3 high traffic classified ad sites
  • according to your category and respond to them with
  • your custom message automatically.
  • Your messages get seen almost every time because
  • advertisers are carefully monitoring their inboxes.
  • See here to learn more about OmniReply.
  • This easy to use software will submit your ad to 500+ cities
  • in a variety of categories to one of the busiest classified ad sites
  • in the world on autopilot. 
  • This easy to use software posts unlimited ads to any
  • category on one of the highest traffic classified ad sites in the world.
  • Follow our simple instructions and your ads go live 99% of the time.
  • This software will submit your ad to 50 random cities
  • in the Jobs/Business Opportunities section.
  • This is completely free software. 
  • Posts up to 500 ads per day on autopilot to US cities
  • on
  • No captcha or proxies needed.
  • Super easy to use and completely free software
  • for a limited time. 

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