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How to start a dog treat business from home and make 1000s a month! Ada Maria Jakimiuk Believes Loving Your Photography Is Important

I’m excited to unveil the first episode of my brand new video series, ASK DAN!, where I answer your photography questions.

As an instructor, teacher, motivator, I’m always looking for ways to share my knowledge and help my followers become more confident, skilled and creative photographers. With this series, I figured I’d address the exact topics that YOU want to know about specific camera and creative techniques.

So, in this new video series, which you can watch on my YouTube channel, I will draw from questions that you can post here, and answer them in my typical no-nonsense, real-world “Dan-stye,” that’s based on my 30+ years of photography experience.

Each episode will feature a number of questions, as they’ll be formatted with “video chapters,”, which means you can see the list of questions I answer in each episode, and easily navigate between them. This gives you the option to mange your time and only watch the parts of the video you’re interested in, although you might learn something new from the insight I devote to each and every question. 

I’m super excited about this new series, so check out the first episode and stay tuned for more. As always, feel free to leave me a comment on the video, (this helps other people find my channel), and if you see a question in the comment section that you know the answer to, feel free to jump in and answer it yourself. Let’s make this a community effort! 

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